,,... Nitro X-5 i bought this boat in as a one owner boat the older guy that owned it only used it twice and fell on hard times and had to sell it. The Boat has alawys been kept inside and never been fished on in the rain. I had redone the carpet coverings all around the deck of the boat and redone the seats. i redone all of that because i didnt like the gray seats and the gray carpet that was in it before. I also bought a new Mini Kota Edge trolling motor witch offers 55lbs of thrust and is a variable 5 speed motor which matches the boat perfectley. the outboard on the boat has less than 30 hrs on it and has had its seasonal maintnece kept up on it. it also has the lowrance x96 fish finder built into the consol, livewell, night time lights for navigation batterey tender box wired in to the back and tons of storage. iam letting go all the lifejackets,